Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I refuse to call it Blackest Night, it's THE BLACKEST NIGHT. Fuck you Didio.


- The new Firestorm pair of Jason and Gen are at Columbia U and Jason wants to study formulas for Firestorm whilst Gen wants to go to the movies but Jason is really putting everything off because he has seen her thoughts which involve marriage and children. He tells her he's not ready and the JLA beeper goes off.

- Back in Gotham. Hal and Barry are fighting the Zombie JLA. Kendra is telling Carter to make Hal use willpower because it gets her hot. Ralph tries to elicit an emotion in Barry getting Rage. The dead Ronnie Raymond Firestorm berates Barry for being like Professor Stein - a boring dull dude. Barry Manages to get Ronnie's finger and tries to pull the black ring off. He yanks it and Firestorm yanks back but the ring is bonded to him. Barry tells Hal the rings are rooted like plants in the ground. Out of nowhere The Atom comes out of Hawkman's black ring, all beaten and bruised with a torn costume. He tells them that the rings have the same porous structure as bones or 'dark matter' the unseen skeletal anatomy of the universe.

- at JLA headquarters, Firestorm(the normal one) walks in creeped out and sees the Black Lantern attacks around the world on a monitor. He is then pinned against the wall by Mera. She tells them to calm down and stay focused and centred, to not give out emotion. It is the way she was able to escape and the way they seem to not be able to track her.

- Hal and Barry try to escape with Ray but Ralph grabs Hal and then holds Ray, breaking him down emotionally, he sees compassion in Ray. Ray says what happens was an accident. Sue Dibny tells him that she knew what she was doing as she brough along a flamethrower. As Sue is about to put her hand through Ray's chest....A FEMALE INDIGO LANTERN JUMP KICKS SUE DIBNY LIKE A FUCKING BADASS! Putting her staff through her fucking chest! She looks angry and then slices Sue in half with her staff. Then this awesome Shaman Indigo Lantern jumps on Ralph and puts his staff through Ralphs's face. They manage to push away the black lanterns and then the Indigo Lantern summons the power of will and the end of her staff glows green and she shoots a ring and shatters the hand with the black ring saying "Connection Severed". The will from her staff shatters Ralph, then it does the same to Sue but not before she tells Ray to feel bad for her. Then the Indigo Lanterns teleport Hal, Barry and Ray out of there to JLA headquarters.

- At JLA headquarters. Ray is broken but the Indigo Lantern talks to him in English, comforting him, seeing the compassion in him and that their light will heal him. Firestorm asks if they are the purple lanterns. The Indigo lantern tells them that they discard names and individuality but she can be reffered to as Indigo-1 and that she is the chosen leader of the Indigo Tribe. They ask her what's going on and to start at the beginning.

- In a double page spread she recounts everything. First there was darkness and then there was light, for seven hundred years there was nothing but WHITE LIGHT. Then the darkness fought back and the light splintered. Every sentient being born from the light contributes to the spectrum. Everybody's state of being adds to the light and it can collected and harnessed. She then explains all the corps, who they are and what they do. She also explains that all the Corps homeworlds are under attack. Indigo-1 can also hear Gen who asks why do they attack Earth and she says she believes it's because they have halted so many threats across the universe. She says the Black Lanterns are not the invaders in this war and that 'we' are the invaders. They are the tresspassers but they bring goodness. The guys all speculate that the black lanterns aren't really them(the people who they are), Ray thinks maybe the dead aren't wearing the rings, but the rings are wearing the dead. Indigo-1 says they feed off emotion. Ray says she can stop them since she channeled Hal's ring. She says that Green light reinforced with another will neutralize the rings and leave them to conventional damage. Once destroyed the ring initiates a feedback which renders the black lantern inert. The more shades of the emotional spectrum shining together, the stronger the light. She explains that it is the reason she went to Hal, The seven corps can replicate the 'white light of creation'(white lantern ehh) and that together they will be capable of locating the source of the black rings and destroying it. She mentions he has personal connections to the most powerful members of all the corps such as Carol. She explains what's happening to her on Zamaron. And like the cocky dude he is, tries to go straight away without thinking. but Barry holds him down, telling him they need him. Barry tells him he has a thick skull and after everything he's been through, he still hasn't learnt anything, he still flies off hal cocked. They both berate how they were and how they are now until Hal sees Barry is right and they should regroup with the other big guns like Clark and Diana and Wally and Jay and then the ZOMBIE JLA bursts through. However the Indigo Lanterns grab Hal and teleport him against his will, leaving the others to whatever fate.

- The Zombie Firestorm shuts them all in. and he goes straight for normal firestorm and seperates Jason and Gen into their physical forms. He then grabs Gen by the throat and as Jason tells him to leave her alone he mends Jason to him as his other half of his mind. He starts breaking down jason as he has Gen in his hands against a wall and he can see everything Ronnie can see, such as the yellow aura of fear around her. He starts brekaing him down saying he stole the matrix from him to get in her pants. Jason tries to stop him, screaming at him but nothing. Ronnie asks what the formula for table salt is and then mentions ghosbusters and how the guys couldn't keep a clear head. Of course he now knows the formula. He starts turning her into table salt all whilst saying how the life she wanted with her boyfriend will never happen, Jason tries to scream but she can't hear him. Jason screams that he does want a future together and he does love her. But it's too late, he turned her into solidified salt and the black power level raises and Ronnie punches his hand through to grab her heart.

- As Mera, Barry and Ray fight the Zombie JLA, more Black Rings come in. The solidified Gen breaks down and the power levels keep increasing whilst Ronnie tells Jason he will break down everything he's got until there's nothing. For some reason Jason is like a never ending battery as the power levels keep rising. The black rings fly towards the JLA morgue to people like Maxwell Lord, Alexander Luthor of Earth 3. They Rise and then in the last page. Zombified Maxwell Lord with the rope around his neck, Alexander Luthor, Copperhead, Dr Light and more.

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