Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Blackest Night #7 - Synopsis - Review

Nekron's heralds all carry the guardians towards Nekron, Nekron says that the guardians are the oldest living beings in the universe thus making their connection to the "white light" stronger than any other, yet they bury it deep inside. Nekron holds a guardian and asks him why do they protect the universe if they don't live, calling the guardian "creature". The Guardian stutters that he doesn't remember.

The coloured lantern corps team of the main lantern representatives and their deputies show up. Sinestro notes that their beams are useless against Nekron and that Nekron's enjoying it.

Hal mentions to Ray that this isn't a bad guy like the ones they've fought day to day, it isn't personal for him.

Black Hand says it is for him as he wraps everyone down in black webbing. he says that all his life he's seen others more beautiful and blessed but in death they are all equal. All silent and cold.

A downed Atrocitus asks Saint Walker if he still believes All will be well and Saint Walker says that he does and that deep inside he knows that he (atrocitus) does too. Then Black Hand says that he remembers Atrocitus and Atrocitus says he remembers too and that he was the doorway to the black that he tried to end a long time ago. Black Hand puts his arm into Atrocitus' chest asking where is his heart, Hal Jordan tells him his ring is his heart and Black hand grabs Hal with dead hands that rise from the ground and hold him. Black hand says that Hal had extra time he didn't earn and that inevitably everything dies, and that he is stopping people suffering miserable deaths.

Scarecrow comes in stabbing Black hand with a pitchfork construct, that he feels alive and wants to hear screams. As Scarecrow fights Black Hand by himself, Luthor calls him out, then Wonder Woman tells him that this is his chance to do some good, Barry says to "think of it this way, if you don't join in now you won't have a world left to feed your oversized ego". Scarecrow screams "THIS IS MY MOMENT!". Lex's eyes light with the symbol of Avarice and he says "No. It's mine." and he attacks Scarecrow. The Indigo 1 says that he's succumbed to the orange light. Luthor goes insane and attacks everyone wanting Crane's ring and manages to take it off him and put it on himself. Then he wants everyone's rings attacking everyone, then flies at Mera trying to take her ring.

In Space, John Stewart is being pursued by billions, yes billions of Black Lanterns. He tries to call to anyone until a Black Lantern Airwave says that he's been screwing up the signals. And that in space only they can hear him scream. All the Black Lanterns turn around as their rings say that "emotional spectrum detonation imminent".

next page. Double Page Splash of every Lantern Corps, with Guy dead centre. As they all have seemed to come in at the same time, a huge battle erupts particularly with the red lanterns attacking everyone. Airwave tries to take Guy's heart until Kilowog severes his connection to the black.

Then all their rings receive the same message manipulated via their rings. The message states that they are to extend the temporary alliance since the situation is as desperate as the situation prophesized. Guy Gardner says "unite as one corps? keep dreaming" then an Indigo Lantern says that the green lanterns corps as a solo unit will be overcome with over three billions black lanterns. and if they team up they will only be overcome with over two billion.

On Earth, The new Dove, shows up severing all connections around her. Dove says that she feels something flowing through her and if she can destroy the black lanterns with a touch then maybe she can damage their power source.

Then lightning or some power hits dove. And a voice yells "NEKRON." And the black lantern battery has a figure trying to get out of the battery yelling "LET ME OUT."

As the coloured corps try to stop Luthor, nekron holds a guardian and asks him for any final words. The injured and broken Guardian struggles to mutter the words "Long live the cor--" until Nekron slits his throat.

Nekron hands the guardian to Black Hand who puts his arm into his chest and rips out his entrails, revealed to be multicolored like the various corps. Then he says "death to us all". Black Hand puts the entrails on the ground and an unknown symbol appears around it.

A gagged Luthor attacked by Wonder Woman and Atrocitus says that the truth is he really wants to be Superman.

Nekron stands over the dead open chested Guardian's corpse and says "Death to you all."

Hal asks Ganthet what is Nekorn doing. Ganthet says he's murdered one of the guardians and has begun to make contact. Sinestro asks "contact with what".

Then Nekron says "Trespasser." Strikes his scythe down and says "RISE". A blinding flashing light and then Geoff Johns shows he's going all crazy Alan Moore, Stan Lee cosmic with this new creation.

A giant skinny white figure with wings in a coccoon emerges. Hal just looks in shock.

Nekron lifts his scythe and says that he wants all their lives. "INVADERS".

Nekron strikes the creature which yells. As he strikes the creature, everyone feels pain except Black Hands.

Hal asks what it is. Ganthet says it's "The Entity." "The living light bestowed upon this universe that triggered existence itself".

Ganthet says in shame that the guardians may be the oldest living beings but life did not begin on Oa, but on Earth. They buried that fact to keep the Entity protected.

Sinestro gets angry saying just like they buried parallax or the sector 666 massacre. Ganthet says they could not draw attention to Earth and they tried to keep humans from the green lantern corps. Sinestro says "until Abin Sur died" and that he knew all of this and thats why he came to "this wretched world" Sinestro attacks Ganthet saying that they destroyed Abin Sur to protect their lies. And they let the universe believe life originated on oa to justify their Authority. Sinestro says that now he will justify his authority.

Nekron strikes the Entity again. With life drawn all around him, suffering.

Hal says they all feel the pain because they are all connected and every living thing is dying. Barry asks why isn't it fighting back. Hal says that The Entity is like Parallax and Ion, a living power. Nekron dug it up for them. Hal flies towards it saying "It just needs a PILOT."

A giant Sinestro construct stops Hal in his path telling him he had his chance with Parallax. "This is my duty!" Sinestro flies towards the entity saying that this is the reason he is alive, and he is the one that will lead them out of the blackest night. Sinestro grabs a hold of the entity, a peacul looking alien type creature, demanding it's power.

Sinestro's eyes light up with the white light symbol, similar to the Black Lantern symbol but with many thin lines on the top. Sinestro yells that he will finally prove to the universe...

"I am the greatest lantern of them all"

Enter Destiny. Enter Double page portrait splash. Enter White Lantern Sinestro.

In case you're wondering what the white ring/entity power is saying "Thaal Sinestro" "Destiny awaits".

Epic issue, though the whole Abin Sur thing still makes no sense. So Abin Sur came to earth and knew all about the entity....ok...but what then? What was his plan. Did he want it? Did the guardians sabotage Atrocitus so he could kill Sinestro? How did they know it would work? Ahhhh Alan Moore's yellow fog story is much better.