Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Blackest Night #5 - Ultra Mega Super Epic Explosive Spoiler!!! ....and Review

Read Green Lantern #48 before The Blackest Night #5 or else it won't make much sense.

ohh yeah.


The issues pretty good too. Some art/rushed coloring problems, but pretty tight and finally involving Green Lanterns in a Green Lantern story(pretty much proving everything I said about Didio seeing a $ opportunity to turn this into a DC wide crossover true - which happened, and did take away from the story).

Still not as good or tight as Sinestro Corps War.

Ohh yeah and Nekron has been keeping the heroes from really dying, he's the one who's been resurrecting them.


The Issue - Synopsis

Right after Green Lantern #48 where all the corps leaders join together. They all decide to go fight Nekron. They all power up with their oaths in a cool spread(has Indigo-1's oath which is in that nok nok language and mentions abin sur) but larfleeze has no oath and he keeps wanting promises for things in exchange for joining the Colored Corps. Atrocitus wants to kill him and Sinestro suggests they kill him and go get whoever the ring goes to next. Hal just pushes Larfleeze's face into his power battery charging him up to %100,000

- On Earth Barry runs at Nekron who tells him that his "death was the first, your rebirth will be the last". Black Hand attacks Barry and Bruce's skull makes a sound causing Barry to go "bruce?"

-Wally comes out of nowhere helping Barry. Barry asks if he's the only one coming and Wally says that they don't have a flash corps to back them up but they have plenty of friends - showing a page of DC heroes including Wonder Woman and Superman.

In Manhattan Ray/atom is trying to stop the black ring from ressurecting Damage. Jean says no one believed in him until Ray came along. Then Mera has water smash Jean. jean then grabs Ray and Mera and they shrink and dissapear into Damage's Black ring.

- Superman and Conner are destroying all the black lantern coast city civilians when Kid Flash comes running telling them that they found out the white light of Dove is destroying all the black lanterns and that the titans are bringing her in. but the bad news is that donna troy was bitten. The flash's all run at nekron and past him and try to rescue the Guardians from their goo chains saying that they might not have green lanterns but they might have one better until -

- Scar shows up and slashes one of the flashes(i can't tell who). she is about to consume Wally when the colored corps show up all shooting their rings at Scar in an awesome double page spread.

- Larfleeze tries to keep Scar because he wants his own guardian, but Scar ensnares him until the colored corps and Ganthet and Sayd destroy her.

- The colored corps fly at the black power battery with indigo-1 saying that they need to recrate the white light which created life, which is the antithesis of the death powering the black lanterns.

- the colored lanterns all shoot their rings at the power battery and black hand mentions that the guardian's ultimate lie is about to be exposed as a solitary black ring flies from the black power battery. It flies past everyone as the colored corps see that their shooting is doing nothing.

- Black hand holds up Bruce Wayne's skull and says that their shooting is actually making Nekron stronger. Then....

- "Bruce Wayne of Earth"

- A double page spread of BLACK LANTERN BATMAN!

- everyone is in shock and a black lantern ring says "emotional tether registered", obviously engaging all the heroes with a zombie Bruce Wayne.

- Nekron tells all the resurrected heroes that they died and came back but they don't know why, he was the one stopping them from everlasting death, he allowed their resurrections. And that they will help him expose the guardians greatest secret and return the universe to a place of quiet, dark order.

- A bunch of rings fly out of Black Lantern Bruce Wayne and attach themselves to Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Arrow, Animal Man, Tora, Conner, Kid Flash.

- Nekron - "DIE!"

- The heroes start dying as Barry runs. Hal ensnares bruce then Nekron says that Bruce Wayne has served his purpose and he can return to rest. Then connection severed as batman explodes.

- Double Page spread of the dead heroes, but not zombified. Nekron says "the light awaits us" just as Hal Jordan is trying to stop a black lantern ring attaching to him and Barry is outrunning one.

next issue "DIE!"