Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'll be back tomorrow.

I'll be back tomorrow with a recap/review of Superman Beyond #2 and a Green Lantern #37 review.

Also it's been hilarious reading responses to the Final Crisis #6 review and the issue in general, and people criticizing me(most turned out to be blind Final Crisis followers). To those enjoying my balls out approach, I will be back.

Here's my favorite quote I found today on the greenlanterncorps.com forum

"Final Crisis is awesome. Morrison has written a great story equal to Alan Moore and Jack Kirby." - t67443

No, it isn't sarcastic.


comicfangirl01 said...

Blasphemy! Morrison can't hold a candle to Moore and Kirby.

messi part II said...

ohh you mean in regards to what that dude said? I don't think it's that Grant Morrison can't hold a candle to Moore and Kirby but that Final Crisis isn't the story which to put next to them.